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Gore March 2010

Join us in celebrating the arrival of 2016 at Holiday Inn at Lake George, Gore Mountain

Gaja & Svetlan will play at the party at Tannery Pub, Gore Mountain on Thursday 17th March

Gore Christmas 2009

Nastar Race

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13 March 2016 Update

Wednesday 3/16

barVino music- 7-9pm John Hill- originals and classic rock covers

Lost Ski Areas of the Adirondacks- presented by Jeremy Davis 7-9PM at The Church Of the King, 685 Bay Road, Queensbury, NY 12804

Thursday 3/17

Avantura Party: Svetlan & Gaja at Tannery Bar, Gore Mountain $10

Friday 3/18

Tannery Pond Community Center- Paul Osborn's 'Morning's At Seven' an Our Town Theatre Group production, 7:30pm $12 for adults, $8 for students

Saturday 3/19

Yoga In The Adirondacks - Skiers Yoga classes with Beth Mendoza at 9:30, 11:30, & 4pm $15

Nettle Meadow Farm & Cheese Company- farm tour at 12pm

barVino- 3:30-4:30 beer and cheese tasting, seating is limited, $30 or $25 for wine club members (518) 251-5533

Tannery Pond Community Center- 7:30pm Paul Osborn's 'Morning's At Seven' an Our Town Theatre Group production, $12 for adults, $8 for students

Indian Lake Theater- Risen 7pm $5 admission, call ahead to confirm (518) 648-5950


7 March 2016 update

Thanks to all of you who called in the past 48 hours with queštions about ski pases, ski conditions, what ifs, how to etc.

I thought it would be helpful if I recap one more time rules around ski passes. Regardless of what I may have told you, or wrote in previous email or website, THIS is how it's going to work at GORE: 
1. IF you already ordered your ski passes, and decide NOT to come (no-show), I will refund your ski passes in FULL. This would be considered last-minute cancellation. Or, if you prefer, you can send me your request NOW to cancel and refund your ski passes.
2. IF you didn't order ski passes by 6 March, you can either order them at Skijanje.ca OR
complete Add/Change form at Group Sales office. If you use Add/Change form, I ask that you pay those passes on the same day you pick them up - either by dropping off cash at unit N-14 at the Summit or online at Skijanje.ca ... prices are updated at Skijanje.ca
3. ONCE you pick up your passes from the Group Sales, NO CHANGEs are possible. 
4. Ski conditions - inform yourself at Gore Mtn. website. Spring skiing can be challenging, specially this year. If you want to ski, you will have an opportunity to ski. Always look at the bright side. It could be worse! 
5. Party Thu 17 March - Gaja and Svetlan. I would appreciate it if you buy tickets in advance. It gives me comfort to know I'm not organizing this for myself. Also, I should also enjoy the party, rather then stand at the door to collect money :) In the end, there is cost involved. 
Based on how many people purchase tickets, I may rent adjecent pace for kids to watch the movie and play - can't do that if only 5 people purchased tickets. There's cost involved in organizing all of this - you catch my drift? Having said this, don't feel obliged to come. You are on vacation and should spend the time how you want. 
Hope I didn't miss anything. One last thing from me - I have a bunch of We Ski Gore t-shirts from last year, and also Avantura t-shirts designed by Emma Fick this Christmas. I also have half dozen of Emma's books. I'll bring all this to the party in case you want any. One day, they will be worth  thousands on eBay. Why? Because there's never been a ski group like this one! Our grandkids will be telling stories to their grandkids how...once upon the time, there was this group of people, mostly immigrants from the former Yugoslavia, a group that that could...and did...knew how to have fun together...for decades :)
See you at Gore next week